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Dean and Kaye Howells wrote:

Holmz wrote: I am giving up on the flash looking low quality alloys, and sticking with the splits for now.

Then why not get some functional quality alloys, or do you prefer the 'sub optimal' option of driving on poor quality split rims with thin tubes in a ribbed tyre case ? Very failure prone but does have the benefit of easy tube/tyre repair :)

NS Sherlock... ;)
The topic's question was around not being able to find 16" rims that are functional and quality

Dean and Kaye Howells wrote: ...
As always optimal tyre/rim choice is dependent on what you want to do with it. For someone based in the Alice looking at touring and sand/dirt travel with a likelihood of staking tyre sidewalls I'd suggest 305/70R19.5's (35"s), pretty much the same rolling diameter as your Michelin 255/100R16's but a good 2" wider with immensely strong sidewalls to resist staking. Can be let down to sub 20 psi for sand work so as good or better 'floatation' as your Michelins, and they're tubeless so very easy to repair the odd puncture should get one. A good strong value for money option with serious off road capability :)

Yep, understand.
That is why I will run the XZLs and stop chin scratching until they are in need of replacement.

Dean and Kaye Howells wrote: ...
On the other hand there's nothing wrong with the American Racing AR 172's in 17" alloy. Will cost around AUD $4K or so for a set of six depending on tyre choice and half the weight of the 19.5's but not as tough as the 19.5's on steel rims.

There's a lot of crap out there about forged vs. cast vs. 'hybrid' alloys. IMO you'll be fine as long as you have a rated tyre/rim combo and aren't into off road racing (with a Perkins ha, ha .......) In a lifetime of off road travel in Australia I've come across a lot of vehicles that have "failed to proceed" but I've NEVER come across one with alloy rims failed due to road/track damage.

Deano :)

Understand and thanks.

Some of the allure of the XZL was that they are the same diameter as the 305x19.5 DH02 (??).
But 16" are going out of fashion compared to 17" (up to 20+, which seem like great for a show vehichle, but maybe not so great on corregations)

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