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19 Mar 2021 09:16 #1 by Paul and Sue Crompton
Paul and Sue Crompton created the topic: Power Steering Hydraulics
I have a 1995 Oka LT110 (No. 168).

Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I have put a post on this site but I do see some familiar names I recognise. So here is my issue - any suggestions would be more than welcome.
When I put my steering on to full lock, it blew an hydraulic hose (the one that goes from the brake booster assembly underneath the radiator to the left hand side which maybe called the flow control valve). I replaced the hose with a new hose as the old hose was seriously perished and I assume it may have been the original hose. All was well, so I thought. As I have to put my steering on full lock to get out of the workshop, I blew another hose (the hose that goes from the steering box to the brake booster assembly). This hose was also perished so I am about to replace this one. However, I am a little concerned that the relief valve may not be working correctly or it may be just 2 perished hoses. I have noticed underneath that the full lock steering adjustment that hits the front axle housing is not touching the actual housing.
So I am thinking perhaps I should adjust this as the hoses seem to blow at full lock. I am also not sure where the relief valve is located. If it is located in the steering box, I really don't want to take the steering box out. The steering seems fine and there are no leaks around the steering box. For some reason I think the steering box may have been refurbished. Any suggestions?

I will also put this this on the Oka Facebook page. Thanks Paul.

Paul Crompton - OKA 168

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