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25 Jan 2013 17:56 #1 by Craig Bowey
Craig Bowey created the topic: Member list
Does the site still have the vechile/member list somewhere, I cant seem to find it

Also on the old site when a topic went to page 2 or 3, when you viewed it the most resent page showed eg page 3 - instead of having to go to the top of page to select it


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29 Jan 2013 05:55 - 29 Jan 2013 06:12 #2 by dandjcr
dandjcr replied the topic: Member list
Craig, yes, there is a fairly complete list of Oka details and user information available, sorted by VIN number. It's a forum topic "Where the Okas are", part of the Index/Workshop/Members Vehicles category here . Add to it if you have new or additional info.

There are also 2 forum categories where members can upload details of their vehicles.

There's a public Members Vehicles category here which anyone can see, and a private category here which is only visible by registered members.

You are welcome to upload your vehicle details and photos to which ever one you would like. There are 22 entries so far.

At the bottom (and top) right of each forum window, a Page 2, 3,... box appears whenever there are more than 19 replies to a topic (20 posts per page).

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